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Dottoressa Daniela Morandi, Dieta ZonaDr. Daniela Morandi is a Nutritionist and a Naturopath. A specialist in the application of Zone Nutritional Strategy, she qualified in the United States under Dr. Barry Sears, with whom she works in the research into and the popularization of the Strategy in Europe.

“Dr. Daniela Morandi studied with me as consultant on the application of Zone Nutritional Strategy and she updates her knowledge with frequent trips to my laboratory in the United States and by attending many of my seminars around the world.

For this reason the procedures that she has developed and structured precisely coincide with mine.”

Dr. Barry Sears, creator of Zone Nutritional Strategy.


Top Zone Coach in Europe

Daniela Morandi is at present the only Italian woman certified as “Zone Research Institute Health Care Professional”.

Thanks to her contribution to the work involved in the spread of the Zone Nutritional Strategy during all these years, the Inflammation Research Foundation, officiated by Dr. Barry Sears, honored dr. Morandi with the title of “Top Zone Coach in Europe”.


Besides these training, more than twenty years ago dr. Morandi started to study different disciplines in personal development (DBM in Geneva), Leadership (LDP Italy) and Enneagram (Gestalt). She has also attended specialization courses in PNL and coaching for more than ten years. She is a Master Practitioner in PNL (trainers: Harry Nichols and Claudio Belotti, first NLP Business Master Trainer in the world) and she is among a small group of people in Italy who are specialized in the application of Spiral Dynamics (trainer: Claudio Belotti).

“With the intense lifestyles that we all have nowadays, we need a lot of energy and to be healthy. I trust Daniela’s advice as, unlike those who used standard models, she prepares personalized programmes based on everyone’s specific needs. I think that Daniela is the most experienced professional in Italy in this sector.”

Claudio Belotti, Coach and first NLP Business Master Trainer in the world, founder of “Extraordinary”, author of the book “La Vita come tu la vuoi”, Sperling Edition, and author of several best sellers audio books on iTunes.

Personalize the Zone

The Zone Diet works best only if adapted to people’s needs. Regarding the personalization of the Zone Diet, Daniela Morandi benefits from Dr. Barry Sears’ full trust and support.

Thanks to further specializations and the constancy of her dealings with people who put their trust in her, Daniela Morandi is able to personalize the normal protocols of the Zone Diet in a distinctive way.

To have a winning method in fact means to take in respect all emotional aspects, oppositions, desires, difficulties, tastes and all those factors that make each person unique.

“Zone Diet is easy and fun to follow is it is shaped following the lifestyle of each individual!” Daniela Morandi.

Observational study on the Zone Diet

In 2004, Lombardy Region appointed her as the sole supervisor of the first Observational Study ever made in a public facility in Italy – the Hospital of Sondrio – on the implementation of the Zone Nutritional Strategy in patients with diabetes and heart disease. The results of this study have been published in the magazine “Medical Leadership”

HORECA and Healthcare Nutritional Consulting

dr. Morandi is active in the cooperation with numerous facilities and resorts in health care, wellness and lifestyle. She has launched Zone Nutritional Strategy coaching programmes and projects.

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