Goodbye Terme di Saturnia

As always, all good things come to an end and others equally exciting begin. This is also true for the project “Your Nutritional Reset by Daniela Morandi” with Terme di Saturnia.

I leave you to the press release:

The project “Your Nutritional Reset by Daniela Morandi” for Terme di Saturnia came to an end on 30th September 2014, when a new time full of commitments and new projects started for both Daniela Morandi and Terme di Saturnia.

Terme di Saturnia thanks Daniela Morandi for her professional competence and for the innovation and valuable contribution to the services offered by Terme di Saturnia by means of her Nutritional Reset Method for the spa, and the NutriGourmet programme for the restaurants.

Daniela Morandi thanks Terme di Saturnia for always trusting and supporting her, and all the members of staff who helped her carry out such an innovative project, which gained the widespread appreciation of the national and international guests involved, as highlighted on several articles and reviews in every field. 

Spa and Taste. On “Affari&Finanza”

Daniela Morandi e gli Chef a SaturniaWow.

It is the word with which Paola Jadeluca describes the experience at Terme di Saturnia in her article on Affari&Finanza.

The talented journalist hits the mark not only when describing the wonders of the great Resort, which she describes as an oasis, but also when she speaks of the importance of having found a unique specialization of excellence in wellness tourism!


“Wow” is the only word that came out of my mouth when I realized that specialization was just the wellness gourmet, the project started seven years ago in my head when I published my first book Il bello della Zona and that for a long time made my book on “biochemistry gourmet” be confused with a simple recipe book, with my great frustration…

Time has given me right and my “vision” has become a concrete reality: I discovered I have been copied, and I must say that it makes me happy to be have passed from being a misunderstood professional to a professional imitated, eheh!

In Saturnia we started the program Your Nutritional Reset in the belief that the authentic well-being, that here is guaranteed by all the excellences proposed, is also due to a nutrition capable of combining proper way of eating and pleasure.

Even more, however, it left me breathless reading that we have set a trend and that my “vision” is referred to as the future, after the myth Chenot!

To the whole team of the kitchen and dining… thanks!

Team Your Nutritional Reset Saturnia


Valentine’s Day and a romantic escape… to the well-being!

San Valentino alle Terme di Saturnia

At Terme di Saturnia they are really one step further: this Valentine’s Day  they have organized a beautiful, romantic path for couples!

Two days to enjoy a few moments of well-deserved rest to share with those we love.

It is a great opportunity for a truly unique experience: diving into the source where the water has been flowing continuously for 3000 years is something really special!

Then there is the SPA: in Saturnia they really know how to treat us right and make everything a real magic!

But I will be there too, for a short trip into the world of Nutritional Reset. With Chef Claudio Colombo Severini we decided to create a special event, to combine the pleasure of the taste to the well-being of the body: a balanced cooking class for the couple!

We’ll take care for the special dinner for Valentine’s Day… of course in candlelight!

P.S. Do not miss the “Dark Kisses”: they are my version of Baci (famous italian pralines), but with a very low glycemic load!

A new collaboration with the Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort

Terme di Saturnia

I just started a new program of nutrition coaching with Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort.

Your Nutritional Reset by Daniela Morandi is part of the program Your Natural Reset, in which the power and the extraordinary effects of water in Saturnia, the treatments of the highest level of the Spa, the advice of a specialised medical team and the help of personal assistants for physical training, perfectly suited to any needs, thanks also to the beauty and magic of the surrounding environment, accompany the visitor on a journey of new experiences, in which people learn the secrets to achieve an authentic well-being and above all acquire the tools to keep it for a long time.

Nutritional Reset

The idea is to join the exclusive program of the resort, which aims to balance the welfare of the person in a natural way, a true nutritional “reset” that teaches to eat in a healthy way.

On the contrary to what is often believed, in fact, what matters in nutrition are not just the calories we eat, but the quality, the types and proportions of foods we eat, because the glycemic load that results is one of the causes of the cellular inflammation, responsible for the imbalances in our body.

During the tour, guests will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of balanced nutrition and some cooking secrets, and will attend to the cooking show held by the chefs of the resort, with the assistance of my explanation on the technique of balancing foods.

A new adventure, a new challenge, another opportunity to spread the love of food becoming aware of its importance in terms of well-being.



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