Daniela Morandi is the only author known worldwide who wrote books with dr. Barry Sears; besides the recent book La Zona Mediterranea she wrote with dr. Sears also La Zona del futuro and the previous Il Bello della Zona. She also contributed to dr. Sears’ Best Seller Magri per Sempre and published an Audio-book on iTune, with dr. Sears Introduction.

La Zona Mediterranea

Berry Sears Daniela Morandi - La Zona Mediterranea - CopertinaLa Zona Mediterranea (The Mediterranean Zone) is the new book on the Zone Diet by Dr. Barry Sears with Daniela Morandi, published by Sperling&Kupfer, released in May 2015.The book explains how the Zone is a food strategy suited to anyone who wants to eat better, to protect their health and live longer.

“The Zone is often considered only a weight loss diet. It is actually a food strategy that aims to global health and well-being of individuals. It can also help athletes to be more efficient in terms of physical and mental health. After all, there are now many Olympic gold medals won by athletes and professional football teams who eat according to the rules of the Zone. In this book Barry Sears explains how the  Zone can marry the Mediterranean diet, not the false one (rich in pasta, pizza and bread), but the real one, the one spoken of by Ancel Keys over sixty years ago, fish (rich in omega3 fatty acids) and foods rich in polyphenols: vegetables, fruit, extra virgin olive oil and, in small amounts, red wine. A tasty and, at the same time, healthy way to feed.”

Professor Enrico Arcelli, MD, Università degli Studi di Milano

La Zona del Futuro

La Zona del Futuro di Barry Sears e Daniela Morandi Sperling“La Zona del Futuro” published by Sperling&Kupfer on March 2013, is the newest book written by dr. Daniela Morandi and dr. Barry Sears, with the aim to combine the latest scientific discoveries about nutrition and the beauty and goodness of cooking.

The book explains how the Zone Strategy evolved in the past few years and suggests new fundamental information to those who want to lose weight, fight ageing and stay healthy. dr. Barry Sears, creator of the Zone Diet, proposes an exclusive action plan, based on three pillars: balanced nutrition, Omega 3 and polyphenols from Maqui; dr. Daniela Morandi’s precious contribution makes the strategy easier and approachable, but over all tasty and customizable according to everyone’s needs.


Audiolibro Dieta Zona di Daniela MorandiThe Audio-book “La dieta Zona: subito in forma e per sempre” (GoodMood Editions) explains in a simple way the basics that distinguish the Zone Diet from everything said until now about nutrition.It is for all those people who want to approach the world of wellness using the easier tool we have: food!At the end of the audio-book there are some suggestions for some typical day, in order to give the listener the chance to try the Zone Diet for some days, it’s being understood that for everyone there is an “individual Zone”, that must be discovered and personalized.The Audio-book is prefaced by dr. Barry Sears and introduced by Claudio Belotti, one of the most famous Coaches internationally known and author of numerous Best Sellers on iTunes. It is also available as eBook on and iTunes.

Il Bello della Zona

Il Bello della Zona, Sperling and Kupfer, di Daniela Morandi e Barry SearsIl Bello della Zona is the first book published worldwide that dr. Barry Sears, creator of the Zone Diet, has ever written with another author. The book not only deals with the basics of modern nutrition, as hormonal control and anti-inflammatory activity through the correct use of food, but above all it presents a lot of delicious “in Zone” recipes, with lots of coloured images, to make the nutritional Zone protocol easier and more fulfilling. The book is born for the certainty that it was the right moment to develop a strategy to combine wellness and good cooking, with the idea that good and nice food fulfills emotions.

Inside the book there are also stories about a “life in Zone”, from different people who consulted dr. Morandi, who developed individual paths, sure that the successful method is the customized one.

Magri per Sempre

Magri per sempre SperlingThe success of “Il Bello della Zona” brought Sperling&Kupfer to ask dr. Daniela Morandi to contribute to dr. Barry Sears’ Bestseller “Magri per Sempre”.

In this innovative book dr. Barry Sears, creator of Zone Diet, the strategy that conquered million people worldwide, deals with the problem of obesity and overweight diffusion, proving that hormones produced by certain foods have negative effects on our genes. The effects are not only excessive weight, but also a general decrease of wellness and health. By using food as a medicine and not only as source of calorie, we can change if not our genes, at least their expression, through dr. Sears’ nutritional strategy, which combines an anti-inflammatory diet (Zone diet) with high doses of fish oil (Omega 3).

The easy and tasty recipes in this book have been developed by dr. Morandi and some in collaboration with famous Chefs.

Eating at the right moment the right food, you will control your health and obstruct overweight.

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