HORECA Nutritional Consulting

Dr. Daniela Morandi has worked in partnership with many different facilities in health care, wellness and lifestyle. She has launched nutritional coaching programmes to teach people the secrets of reaching true wellness and, above all, how to keep it for a long time.

Her nutritional projects are grounded not only in Zone Diet basics, but also on her own strong ability to develop nutritional strategies that are suitable to different needs and circumstances, with the certainty that the Zone Diet works at its best only if it is customized for every person.

"Your Nutritional Reset" at Terme di Saturnia


These collaborations include:

logo Saturnia Your Nutritional Reset by dr. Daniela Morandi, in partnership with Terme di Saturnia Spa and Golf Resort. This is an exclusive project at the resort, that aims to restore people’s wellness in a natural way: a truly nutritional “reset”, that teaches guests to feed themselves optimally by learning the basics for a balanced nutrition and the secrets of healthy cooking.
Logo virgin280 Multi-year partnership with Virgin Active Italia, with the projects “Prenditi cura di te” and “Trattati con cura”, to enable people to discover the right way to achieve the best physical form and health forever.
PRINCIPI DI PIEMONTE Partnership with the Atahotels Group at Tanka Village Resort in Villa Simius in Sardinia for a nutritional project specific to that resort.

Zone to Go

Nutritional Project “Zone to Go”, a programme of home-delivery meals balanced in the Zone Diet way.
Hilton logo 280 Manager of the project “Menu’ in Zona” for “Science in Nutrition” international congresses at the Hilton Hotel and the Parco dei Principi both in Rome.
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