La Zona Mediterranea – book

La Zona Mediterranea (The Mediterranean Zone) is the new book on the Zone Diet by Dr. Barry Sears with Daniela Morandi, published by Sperling&Kupfer, released in May 2015.
The book explains how the Zone is a food strategy suited to anyone who wants to eat better, to protect their health and live longer..

Berry Sears Daniela Morandi - La Zona Mediterranea - Copertina“The Zone is often considered only a weight loss diet. It is actually a food strategy that aims to global health and well-being of individuals. It can also help athletes to be more efficient in terms of physical and mental health. After all, there are now many Olympic gold medals won by athletes and professional football teams who eat according to the rules of the Zone. In this book Barry Sears explains how the  Zone can marry the Mediterranean diet, not the false one (rich in pasta, pizza and bread), but the real one, the one spoken of by Ancel Keys over sixty years ago, fish (rich in omega3 fatty acids) and foods rich in polyphenols: vegetables, fruit, extra virgin olive oil and, in small amounts, red wine. A tasty and, at the same time, healthy way to feed.”

Professor Enrico Arcelli, MD, Università degli Studi di Milano

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