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d.ressa Daniela Morandi, Dieta Zona

Daniela Morandi is a Nutritionist and a Naturopath. A specialist in the application of the Zone Nutritional Strategy, she qualified in the United States directly under Dr. Barry Sears, with whom she works in the research into and the popularization of the Strategy in Europe.

She has been honoured with the title of Top Zone Coach in Europe by dr. Sears, who admires her not only for her technical expertise, but also for being able to integrate the biochemical precision with creativity, refining recipes and “translating” great Chefs’ creations in the Zone.

Her passion, her ongoing studies in the psychological field and in coaching and her natural predisposition for learning about the human soul, make Daniela Morandi a consultant who is distinguished by her ability to listen and guide the people who rely on her to find the way that’s right for them.

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