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Here I have collected articles that some newspapers have written about me and the Zone Diet. Some are simply news, others include tips and tricks that can be useful for the Zoners and for anyone else trying to get close to this food strategy.

For the journalists, then, I have added some information and resources that can be used for editorial purposes.

They say about me

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Europe Top Zone Consultant

Short Bio

Top Zone Consultant for Europe, specialized in the application of Zone Nutritional Strategy directly with Dr. Barry Sears, with whom she is co-author of the books Il Bello della Zona and La zona del Futuro.


A Nutrizionist and Naturopath, after getting her degree in Pharmacy at the University of Trieste, Daniela Morandi specialized in the application of Zone Nutritional Strategy directly in the United States with Dr. Barry Sears.

For being able to combine biochemical precision and creativity in the application of the Zone strategy, she was awarded the title of Top Zone Coach in Europe by the Inflammation Research Foundation, chaired by dr. Barry Sears.

As a result of her customization of the Zone Diet, Daniela Morandi enjoys the confidence and direct support of dr. Barry Sears, by whom she is periodically updated and with whom she personally collaborates in the research into and the diffusion of the Strategy in Europe. She is currently the only Italian woman certified as a “Zone Research Institute Health Care Professional” in the world and the only person to have written a book with dr. Barry Sears.

In 2004 she was appointed by the Lombardy Region of Italy the sole supervisor of the first observational study carried out in Italy in a public facility – the Hospital of Sondrio – for the implementation of the Zone Nutritional Strategy in patients with diabetes and heart disease.

She has taken several specialized courses in both the nutritional and wellness, to which she has added specializations in coaching. Thanks to the high level of her training and her willingness to constantly interact with the people who entrust their care to her, Daniela Morandi is unique in her ability to customize the normal protocols of the Zone Diet.


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