Zone Diet Coaching

Described by Dr Barry Sears as the Top Zone Coach in Europe, dr. Daniela Morandi develops customized Zone strategies.

She receives in Milan, Corso Monforte 19

NOTICE: Starting from September 2014,  dr. Morandi will receive in her new studio in Piazza N. Tommaseo 2/a

MOBILE: 335466334


Zone Diet has to be customized

Zone Diet works at its best only if it is customized to every person’s needs. dr. Daniela Morandi benefits from dr. Sears’ trust and support as regards Zone Diet customization. Thanks to her additional specializations and her continuous willingness to interact with people who consult her, she is able to customize Zone standard procedures in a unique way.

The winning method is the one considering emotions, resistances, wishes, difficulties, tastes and all those factors that make a person unique.

“Zone Diet is easy to follow, if it is customized according to everybody’s lifestyle.

Staying in the Zone means maintaining permanently the obtained outcomes: this is possible only starting from the respect of every person’s needs and emotions”

Daniela Morandi

Dr Barry Sears and Daniela Morandi with their publications

Daniela Morandi e Barry Sears con i loro libri

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