Zone Diet?

dr Barry Sears

“If you wake up in the morning full of energy, with a clear mind, a state of serenity and a positive attitude towards the problems that life offers us every day, then you are in ZONE.
In ZONE your mind is relaxed, but awake and focused at the same time with precision. The body is strong and tireless, the spirit is euphoric”

dr. Barry Sears, creator of the Zone Nutritional Strategy


The Zone Strategy

It is a nutritional model, which represents the diet of the future, since it does not base simply on calories estimation in aliments but on the HORMONAL IMPACT that those aliments have on our organism.

It is the only nutritional strategy, which is showing important results in opposing the epidemic or overweight and obesity.

Why is it important?

It represents a turnover in the Nutritional world as since it has been proven that food affect the hormonal structure in our body, at last nutrition is no more intended as something related only to slimming diets or patients subject to serious diseases, like diabetes and heart diseases. It is the turning point of the research of wellness forever.

When it was clear that aliments affect our hormones and especially Insulin, Eicosanoids and Glucagon, it was also clear that with food it is possible to pitch everything concerning what makes someone “feel good”. From appearance to physical and mental energy and the prevention of serious diseases and the degeneration of existing symptoms wrongly linked to pathological conditions. However, they actually are just the expression of a body INFECTION.

How does Zone Diet operate?

Key words of ZONE are “moderation” and “balance”.

More precisely, ZONE functions on the achievement, maintenance of, and hormonal balance (especially of Insulin).

The most natural and simple method that every human being possesses to obtain such results is to feed ourselves with different kinds of food and in the right amount, matching them correctly.

If we keep Insulin levels into a certain “Zone” – not to high not too low – we incredibly improve our health, we prevent a wide range of diseases and we put our organism in the favorable condition to utilize absorbed fat to generate energy, losing exceeding weight without feeling hungry or having a sense of deprivation.

A Zone for everyone

For managers: learn to manage perfectly the balance of sugar in his body and brain. He will be able to make the right nutritional choice in every time of the day and to feel over the top.

For the person who has always been struggling with his/her weight: learn to choose the right food to lose exceeding fat and maintain good results without giving up to the pleasure and taste of good food.

For those who have no weight problems: understand that food can benefit their wellness. Eating well changes the quality of life also to people who have the advantage to have a “fast” metabolism.

Achieving an absence of inflammation, resolves all those tiny annoying discomforts (such as puffiness, tiredness, digestive problems, etc.)

For athletes: Learn that Zone is a real alley to success.  Zone’s anti-inflammatory action will help him/her to intensify training sessions shortening the times, while thanks to the balance of eicosanoids his/her muscles will receive more blood giving him/her better efficiency. His/her focus capabilities will improve as well.

For beauty lovers: he/she learns to fight against inflammations during meals. Inflammations are the worst skin’s enemies (wrinkles, lack on tone and brightness) and the causes to premature ageing. By now, everyone has recognized nutrition as the “weapon” used in anti-ageing treatments.

For food lovers: Learn to implement Nutritional Strategies with fun, without deprivations and without following a strict diet.


The Zone Strategy fights against what Dr. Sears calls “Ageing four pillars”: Insulin surplus, Sugar surplus in blood, radicals’ surplus, and cortisol surplus.

What Zone is not

Zone Strategy is not a “diet” meant with a negative meaning, which is food privation, hunger or frustration.

It is not a hyper-protein diet; it is not at a high consumption of fat or carbs.

It is not the same diet for everyone:

“Everyone has their ZONE. It is a winning approach only if emotional aspects, oppositions, desires difficulties, tastes and all the other factors making people unique are take into account.”

Daniela Morandi


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